Pyrolysis complex

Pyrolysis complex includes:

1. Equipment for the preparation of raw materials.
Hydraulic shears

2. A complex of equipment for the production of pyrolysis fuel from domestic and industrial waste.
Pyrolysis plant “ABBI-1” with a volume of single loading of 3-16 tons.
The plant allows the processing of solid domestic and industrial waste. Pyrolysis plant is effective and environmentally safe.
The proposed technology consists in heating the waste without access to air and further deep destruction, in which the organic matter and the associated volatiles are transferred to the gaseous state (gasified).
As a result of pyrolysis, the following products are obtained:
– Pyrolysis oil: ~ 50% of the load weight.
– Metal cord 5%, only when processing tires and tires.
– Carbon 25%
– Fuel gas mixture (pyrogas) 16-20%

3. Equipment for processing the carbon residue.
– Vibrating screens
– magnetic separator
– carbon mill
– steam-thermal activator of carbon.